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Birthdate:Apr 17
My name is Leah, a red-haired gal, aged 32. I used to live in California with a number of horses but am now in Utah with just the one-and-only:

Denali, my year 2000 warmblood mare. We're going SO well this last year, getting into solid Novice events with a dream of Training next year or the year after. (goto here for more info on her)


Ally (Allagash), my 1995 warmblood gelding. He was main riding horse and was born to jump. He passed away quite unexpected on January 3rd, 2007 from congestive heart failure. RIP my angel. (go here for a lengthier if outdated bio)

Drakkara, a 2001 warmblood mare. She's a full sister to Ally and Denali as well. She's been purchased by a gal at my old barn in California and then resold.

Draven (now known as Matador), a 2002 Friesian/Throughbred gelding. He is simply incredible and I adore him so much. But Denali is my 'baby' and Ally is my love so Draven had to be sold. He's now owned by a lovely couple on the California coast who will be giving him a rather kick ass life :)

Dot, 1979-2005, thoroughbred mare. She's the dam of my other 4 horses. She was euthanized November 18th, 2005. Her updated bio can be found here.

As for me, I see myself as a jumper first. But I've been seriously riding dressage for a few years now and have been learning so much. I was raised a 'hunter' but my horses aren't hunters, nor am I really. I showed hunters in IHSA during college. I've also ridden and shown western (IHSA). I also trained for endurance one summer and did a 50 mile endurance ride on a thoroughbred stallion (Ally/Denali/Drakkara's uncle). What a blast!

I grew up riding any horse I could, after 11 years of begging to have lessons from my parents. Typically these horses were the troublemakers and green horses. I never had my 'own' horse until a few years into college when Ally fell into my life.

I have several LiveJournals with two main ones - one for my regular life ([profile] catwithclaws) and one for just my horses ([personal profile] foalstory). This [personal profile] foalstory one will be 99% horses, so add me as a friend if you'd like and please feel free to comment whenever you like!

The website I created when Denali was born ( hasn't been recently updated I am sorry to say, but it's still full of tons of info plus details on her birth in 2000. Someday I'll have the time needed to update the site in true proper fashion.
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