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ponies? not happening tomorrow :P although i WILL bundle up and get to the barn to find gloves to mail off as well as take photos of some of the ponies for xmas ornaments. yay, frozen fingers!

hi, I'd like a heated barn now, thanks!

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Denali's been great lately -- she has, however, lost weight over the last two weeks. HOW, I've no clue unless that 10 degree drop was really THAT important to her. I'm not sure? There's plenty of horses unblanketed at the barn -- she had hers off when we were pushing 50 F, but she's also not clipped yet. I came back from Thanksgiving to find her ... ribby.

geh! I spend all summer trying to get her to LOSE weight, and then she manages to do so within a period of a week+. I upped her feed, but suddenly it seems like her coat isn't thick enough. Weird. But really this is the problem:

Two years ago, this is what I was seeing on Ally. I've been thinking more and more about him as the darkness of solstice approaches. The grief? is of the sort that turns me into a babbling idiot at times. It's easy to talk ABOUT him, but to remember ... to feel? that still hurts like a b*tch.

That there's even an echo of that when I see Denali underweight (and looking SO much more like Ally right now with her fitness and muscling looking incredible), that I can't help but *feel*. and it sucks.

so no, I've no idea when I'm clipping my mare. geh.


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