Apr. 27th, 2009

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Lindsay/[livejournal.com profile] remix22 spent the last few days hanging out with me and more importantly (at least as far as this journal is concerned!) rode Denali and went on a long trail ride with me and Brody. YAYAYAYAY!

First, having extra paddock boots and halfchaps and helmets is a good thing. You can outfit friends that way :)

Having said that, I really DO need to get a better back-up schooling helmet for myself since invariably the one I have will die. And I STILL forgot to deworm Brody. Repeatedly. Urgh.

FRIDAY was a lesson (notes in another post) on Denali although Lindsay warmed her up. I played with Brody afterwards and it was enough to confirm that YES he needed his front left shoe put back on (or rather a new one…). His hip issues seemed mostly gone, so that's a comfort. I did trim them both up so they have bridle paths again (omg!) as well as whiskers, although I didn't get to fetlocks yet. I also tackled Brody's tail since some how he looks SO much better with the top trimmed back. I can't bear to think of trying that on Denali though.

Oh, and for the record Denali DID do one of those 'oh shit! How did she do that??!' moments during my lesson like she does nearly every week. Lindsay saw, so I've proof now! Even if not video. (cause that'd ROCK the bad riding… except I stay on during these moments).

SATURDAY the weather looked like it was going to hold off the rain, so we skipped over to the barn (which L. agreed is quite lovely!), hooked up the rig, nailed a shoe to Brody's bare foot, tossed in tack, and then the horses. Brody loaded with barely a hesitation (AWESOME!) and Denali got right in to the back part (trickier since only the door to close and keep her in). It was so fast I was out of breath. Wow. Go ponies!

So off we went and they both unloaded and hung out (well, except for Denali trying to kill Brody put Brody in his place) while I tossed tack on and we headed up and out. Sheepskin covered butts made for a more comfy ride too :) I'd picked up a new one at the World Cup since the old one is .. um … 15 years old? Or more? But that DID mean we each had one. Don't say I don't try to make rides more fun :)

Wandered down through the dry creek area, although there were some spots of water which Brody was so VERY hysterical about. I'm not sure he's ever been asked to do a creek crossing before?? But he learned and was doing them like a pro.

Oh, and might I mention I expected to be jigging sideways the entire time? Um, NO! Riding on the buckle on what felt like a VERY broke trail horse. The only times he hesitated were when Denali decided to test Lindsay's determination to be the boss and she balked on the trail. Then Brody didn't want to have anything to do with it. Can't blame him.

We climbed out of the gully, eventually, and hit one of the 'main' paths and trotted for a bit -- Brody even led! Trail horse galore. Rode down and around the wetlands, along the creek and over one itty bitty jump (Brody trotted, Denali jumped it, heh), then the CLIMB up the mountainside to get to the trail on the top. Stopped for some photos (Lindsay has those) and a snack while Denali decided to prove she was in a SUPER boss mood (grrr) but continued to still be good for Lindsay. We headed back, with the clouds getting darker and darker and some thunder…. Uh oh. So more trotting and some cantering (never got Mr. B to do more than his racing left lead, but oh well he was SANE and sound) but they (especially Brody) were getting tired, so we walked a bit and ended up getting rained on.

I was in short sleeves. With a vest, thankgod. But even with trotting and semi-racing to the rig at the end, I lost all skin feeling on my arms and most of my hands (gloved at that). But yet still 'warm' since my core didn't get cold. Still freakish and we tossed tack into the tackeroom (literally) and the horses loaded up like pros (thankgod again!) and we ran to the cab.

In all, FUN! Hehe. Can't say we don't have adventures.


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